Where Wellness, Meditation & Intuition Meet.

Go from living on autopilot in a noisy world to expanding your awareness, connecting to your clarity and feeling well within.


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A live, online members community for monthly guidance & support as you deepen your practice, release what’s keeping you stuck, and access the infinite intelligence you hold inside.



Envision a Reality Where your Intuition is Stronger. You're tuned into its Guidance and your Mental & Emotional Health are Thriving.

  • You feel connected to your clarity and energized with each coming day.
  • Stress, overwhelm and anger don’t hold you in their grip anymore, and are replaced by feelings of joy and harmony.
  • You remember how it feels to come home to yourself, no longer seeking solutions outside of yourself.
A consistent meditation practice will give you the skills to tune in, hear, and trust the voice of your intuition loud and clear.
Before you know it, you’ll be tapping into your internal compass and navigating life changes with ease. Difficult decisions that have been tripping you up or old habits that have been weighing you down start to disappear. Because once you see clearly, you know the truth – old patterns and autopilot living don’t rule you anymore.
This is how you will claim wellness (& a bit of magic) in your life – by taking the path within.  
Your Meditation Collective Membership includes:
Community Support

A private, community of like-minded individuals that keep you accountable to show up and support each other on this shared path. There's power in numbers.

Wellness Tools

Tried and true wellness tools & tips for more joy & lasting change.

Guided Meditations

Meditations tied into each month’s energetic theme to cultivate your mental and emotional fitness, release what’s no longer serving you, and tune into your internal compass.

Intuitive Guidance

Energy forecast to navigate the energetic themes of each month and provide you additional insights.

Membership Account

Access Zoom links, watch replays from the entire year, leave comments, and get exclusive bonuses and discounts – all in one location.

Are you tuned into your Internal Compass?


Discover what it takes to rewire your mind, process your emotions, and follow your inner guidance to take aligned action in all areas of your life.
You have the ability to master your mind and find the answers you’re looking for at any time.


It’s time to tune in and remember your inner power.

You might look like you have it all together, but let’s be honest – more often than not you’re overworking and feeling kind of flat.
You’re navigating big (or small) changes in your life, looking for clear answers and confirmation that you’re on the right path. There are endless resources you can turn to for answers – Google, social media, books, family and friends.
You might start taking steps on your path, only to go around in circles and land in what’s familiar – leaving you longing for something more.
This is living in a noisy world. 



Creating lasting change in your life and embodying greater wellness isn’t about FINDING the answer.

It’s about letting yourself be, going inside, and remembering what you already KNOW.
Drop old beliefs, unravel patterns that are holding you back, and step into your highest potential.
We all have an ‘Inner-net’ that holds more answers than you could ever find on Google. The way to access these answers is through slowing down, creating space, cutting through the noise and going within.
This is why meditation works.


Let's face it.


It's time for you to start showing up to embody the life YOU want.


Choose to wake up each day feeling light, energized and fulfilled.



What members say:
Visions Coming True

It’s been a tough year and the wellness tools Sep has shared at the collective have been so valuable. I’ve used them when I would have otherwise had a meltdown and to help me focus and gain clarity and calm throughout my day. The craziest thing that has happened yet though is that a specific vision that I had in meditation actually started to happen in real life! The collective is a gift to us all – leaving us feeling lighter and brighter.

- Sarah, Principal

Tuning into Intuition to Find Peace

I reached out to Sep when I was at my lowest point. I didn't know where I was going or who I was anymore. Since then, I've learned incredibly valuable practices and tools that have been life changing! By exploring guided meditation, shadow work, and energy work I've learned how to tune into my own intuition and inner self to find peace. I'm rediscovering myself in ways I never thought was possible and I can't wait to continue on this amazing journey with Sep!

- Roxanne, Mom

Getting Unstuck

The collective began during the most tumultuous and distressing times in my life. The gatherings led by Sep provided guidance, allowed me to begin the healing process, quiet my inner critic and look at childhood traumas on a much deeper and honest level. During the darkest period of my life, Sep helped me find the strength to persist, forgive myself and connect with others through our collective experiences.

- Blake, Sales Manager

Releasing and Feeling Energized

I was lucky enough to attend Sep’s guided meditations – what a truly beautiful, heart opening experience! Sep creates a space that is without judgement, which has allowed me to tap into some energy that had felt ‘stuck’ for quite some time. Through movement and breath, I was able to clear some of the mental cobwebs and left feeling about 100 times more energetic than when I stepped into the space. I would recommend Sep to anyone who needs to tap in, move through, and release.

- Allison, Director

Feeling Grounded

The Meditation Collective is a grounding force in an otherwise demanding and hectic environment. Sep guides both the beginner and the experienced alike - she shares big picture philosophy coupled with real, tangible tactics to incorporate meditation into your everyday life. It’s a highlight of my month!

- Brittney, Executive

This is perfect for you if:
  • You live from the neck up and overly rely on rational thought to problem solve, but you’re ready to drop into your heart and emotions
  • You find yourself constantly looking outside yourself for answers and want to find a new way
  • You want to strengthen your connection to your intuition and receive more clarity in all areas of your life
  • You're new to meditation & self-reflection practices and seek practical group guidance
  • You've been meditating using the support of mobile apps and now it’s time to connect with like-minded individuals to reflect & reset each month
  • You want a cost-effective way to expand your toolbelt of wellness & mindfulness tools and go deeper
  • You require additional and re-occurring support to get aligned and remain accountable


Like any relationship in life, strengthening your intuitive connection takes time, energy, and TLC. It takes practice and courage to take the path within. Make it a priority and join this monthly container to stay on track.
Your inner voice is always speaking to you - Are you ready to listen?

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