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A dedicated container to create more space for what lights you up. 

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Who it's for:

The Collective is for you if:

  • you are are new to meditation and seek practical group guidance
  • you have been meditating using the support of mobile apps and seek to connect with like-minded individuals to reflect & reset each month
  • you have attended one of Sep's private events and want a cost-effective way to expand your meditation practice
  • you are a 1 : 1 Coaching client and require additional re-occurring support in-between/after sessions to get aligned and remain accountable 

Why you do it:

Research evidence supports the use of meditation and other self-reflection practices to:

  • reduce stress and burn out 
  • regulate anxiety, depression, and insomnia 
  • promote emotional wellness
  • increase the experience of positive emotions 
  • enhance self-awareness
  • increase focus, creativity and problem solving 
  • improve immune function
  • create more harmonious relationships 
  • increase patience and tolerance 
  • improve athletic performance...

Stop going through the motions and choose how you experience life.

Take a step in the right direction – give yourself the gift of time and space – to transform and create a life that lights you up. 

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What's included:

Live Online Meditations

Each month, join Sep live online for a full hour of guidance based on EmbodyMthd and to try different forms of meditation.

Intuitive Guidance

Sep tunes-in to customize each meditation based on the collective energy signature of the group.

Live Online Q&A

Opportunity to ask questions live online and gain clarification as needed. 


Connect with a group of like-minded individuals. There is power in numbers.


Video replays available for the entire year of monthly meditations (even if you join mid-year) that you can watch anytime.

Membership Perks

Exclusive membership account where you can find everything, including members only discounts and bonuses.


EmbodyMthd is a transformative approach that creates the space for you to embody your full expression – and to stop living from the neck up. The approach is born directly out of Sep's experience and based on various modalities and practices that guide you on the path within to:

  • Rewire your mind,
  • Regulate and process your emotions, and
  • Integrate your lessons so that you take inspired and grounded action.

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It takes commitment and courage to take the path within. Like going to the gym - true, lasting change requires consistency and practice. Become a member and take a step in the right direction to keep accountable with a group of like-minded individuals.

Sep believes in access to this work and provides a certain number of pro bono memberships per year. Contact Sep to see if you are eligible.