This is a community call to the seekers.


If you experience a longing in your heart – you're not alone. We're your allies.

As we gather in community, the spark within each of us flourishes and we remember our true origins.

Drop-in to The Circle and allow your guides, Sep, Heali and Adam (along with guest practitioners), to take you home to yourself with the support of meditation, connection, sound healing, journaling, and other mindfulness tools. 

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The Circle Experience

If you're here – someone you know in Vancouver has probably told you about us knowing that you're in alignment with our community.

We hold in-person weeknight circles and weekend workshops focusing on various themes. Participants are usually capped at 20 or less, to keep things intimate. We usually sell out fast.

The flow of events may change, but here's a taste of what a gathering looks like:

  • Gentle, grounding movement
  • Chakras meditation 
  • Group introductions
  • Connection exercises, group healing, or other mindful activities 
  • Integration meditation and sound healing
  • And more! 

Best Practices

  • Wear comfortable, layered clothing
  • Bring a yoga mat and other support as needed
  • Have a light meal before
  • Bring a water bottle and hydrate before / after
  • Bring a journal and pen
  • Arrive on time and check-in
  • Phones off – give yourself the gift of presence 
  • Go to the bathroom before
  • No substances tolerated
  • Come with an open mind and heart
  • Take what resonates, leave the rest 
  • Stay in the sacred space we set after opening 
  • No judgement or expectations zone – hold the resonance of love
  • Inclusive and safe environment
  • Be accountable for your energy
  • Sovereignty and discernment please – choose what activities feel right / comfortable for you


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Your Guides


Sep Alavi is a lawyer, intuitive coach, thought-leader, founder, speaker and lover of life.

Adam Wicks is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, meditation teacher and aspiring Zen master.

Heali Thirwell is a commercial real estate broker and vice chair of a non-profit by day, and a meditation guide, reiki master and yogi by night.

They each have a dynamic history of overcoming their own struggles (using various modalities of self-healing, meditation, plant-medicine and mentorship). What they have in common is that they find themselves often bridging the gap between the head & the heart, corporate & spiritual, and ying & yang in their daily lives.

After a synchronistic meeting in Mexico, they banded together to create this inspired platform to align with love & joy in community.

It's their collective mission to build and elevate community through connection to spirit.


For more details (such as location) click on the gathering below.

Check back for upcoming gatherings. Dates subject to change.

No refunds or ticket transfers without prior consent.



A Poem

by Adam Wicks.

"After meditation several things are going to happen. First. We are going to feel very calm. Sit with this feeling. How does it feel, to feel calm? To feel present. To feel supported. To feel grateful. Perhaps it hasn’t been felt in a long time. Perhaps it has!

The second thing we will notice is everything seems a bit brighter… a little bit better. Everything has a new brilliance to it. The realization of the miracle of our human existence on this fireball we call Earth whirling through the galaxy, is felt. It is known.

If we allow ourselves, we can experience life the way we did when we were children. Before judgement, before stories. Every scent is delicious and interesting. Every sound ignites a certain joy within our spirit. Everything has the feeling of being new. This is what true presence, away from distraction, feels like. This energy is our birth right, as human beings.

Most people are living life automated, at least to some degree. When we come out of a meditative space, we snap out of it. We are deeper attuned. We are connected to our true human nature. We are connected to soul. To spirit. To each other.

Sometimes we forget this as we grow older, with responsibility and pressure. Well, congratulations you’ve found it again. The question is, how will you stay connected?

Simply put, it’s inevitable. The awareness of it, of spirit, is within you. Let presence and breath connect you to the wisdom of your own soul.

Welcome Home."