Go from feeling alone to gathering with a community of embodied leaders for an uplifting experience.


Live experiential workshops and presentations for leaders to revolutionize the way they live.


Accessing the power of community, Sep facilitates intuitive, heart centric and immersive experiences for leaders. Themes vary, and spaces are limited.

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Leadership Reset Circle

Let's gather this Spring

Sep and Steve both find themselves as bridges between the corporate and spiritual worlds.

They are inviting their clients and friends to join them for some reflection & connection with like-minded leaders.

The circle will be held on April 27th from 11:00am to 1:00pm at a home in Vancouver.



Intuition Incubator

Empowering leaders to make aligned and embodied decisions.

This incubator is only being offered twice in 2024.

The first cohort was completed in February. A range of leaders attended, including a naturopath, occupational therapist, architect, lawyer, serial entrepreneur, commercial real estate associate, ops/strategy consultant, healer and mother.

The second cohort will be held on May 4 - 5th from 10:00am to 1:30pm at a venue in Vancouver.



Sep is available to speak at your next event, retreat or lunch'n learn. Join other organizations who have hired her to support their leaders on various mindful topics, including:
  • The Women of  Lumber and Forestry Association
  • British Columbia Association of Broadcasters
  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
  • UBC's Neighbourhoods Association
  • Talk Shop Media
  • Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Columbia College
  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Sphere
  • Vancouver Alumnae Chapter of Delta Gamma
  • The Bad Academy
  • One Tough Mother
  • Latitude Wellness / Counselling
  • Bentall Centre 
  • Echelon...

My clients are made up of the seekers, healers, changemakers and impact-driven leaders. They believe in the power of community, wellness, and revolutionizing the way we live.

Visions Coming True

It’s been a tough year and the wellness tools Sep has shared at the collective have been so valuable. I’ve used them when I would have otherwise had a meltdown and to help me focus and gain clarity and calm throughout my day. The craziest thing that has happened yet though is that a specific vision that I had in meditation actually started to happen in real life! The collective is a gift to us all – leaving us feeling lighter and brighter.

- Sarah, Teacher

Reconnect with Higher Self

The intuitive workshop in February was genuine, concise with tangible results. It's often easy to overlook our ability to trust our intuition amidst the complexities of daily life, but Sep provided practical tools and skills to help us reconnect with our higher selves.

- Nadi, Architect

Releasing and Feeling Energized

I was lucky enough to attend Sep’s guided meditations – what a truly beautiful, heart opening experience! Sep creates a space that is without judgement, which has allowed me to tap into some energy that had felt ‘stuck’ for quite some time. Through movement and breath, I was able to clear some of the mental cobwebs and left feeling about 100 times more energetic than when I stepped into the space. I would recommend Sep to anyone who needs to tap in, move through, and release.

- Allison, Director

Approachable and Lighthearted Retreats

We engaged Sep several times over the course of this past year to help foster both team and personal connection. With social isolation, stress and shifting pressures resulting from the transition to remote work and the global pandemic, mindfulness has been top of mind for the Talk Shop team. Sep’s method is approachable, calming and lighthearted and her sessions have been deeply appreciated by our team - whether new to or practiced in mindfulness. We are already planning our next session and are eager to give our team the gift of connection through a long-term partnership.

- Katie, Managing Partner


Meaningful Professional Development Workshop

I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten to experience the EmbodyMthd with Sep in person, prior to Covid as well as virtually at a few different events. The experience was so meaningful for me personally that I asked Sep to facilitate a special session for my teachers, during a particularly stressful time. The feedback I received after from my staff was unsurprisingly glowing. Sep tailored our session to help us work through, with specific guided activities, the issues and challenges we face as educators in a pandemic. We were left feeling lighter and brighter, and realizing that we can’t pour from an empty cup, we have to take care of ourselves first so that we can better care for our students. It was an incredibly meaningful Professional Development session, thank you Sep, for your guidance and allowing us the space to take this much needed time for ourselves!

- Sarah, High School Principal

Tangible Wellness Wednesday Workshop

Sep hosted a “Wellness Wednesday” session for the Association of Broadcast Communicators (ABCOM). Feedback on the session was fantastic. Sep brought an expertise that is sorely needed in the stressed-out environment that we all currently face. The strategies she shared gave our members tangible things they can do to realign and shift perspective when feelings of anxiety or stress start to overwhelm. We’re all better for the experience, and I would absolutely recommend Sep’s valuable insights to any other organizations or businesses interested in taking a people first approach. Whether in groups of 1 to 100 plus, Sep is able to tailor her delivery and remain equally resonant. She will work with your team to find out exactly what will provide the most benefit and then deliver past expectations.

- Dominic, Board Member and Account Manager

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