Fire Releasing Ceremony 

Guided by @iamsepalavi with special guest @christine.sheps

Saturday, December 18th (last full moon of the year)

12:00 - 1:00PM over Zoom



Humans are subject to seasonal, lunar and circadian rhythms.
I'm sure you've seen all those memes where someone is blaming the moon for their problems? In fact, the moon can impact everything from the ocean waves to our emotions.
The traditional lunar calendar marks our deeper connection with the natural world and our own cyclic nature.
The full moon (when the sun illuminates the entire moon) represents the energetic peak in the month and a time of heightened intuition. It's a perfect time to check-in with ourselves to look fully and honestly at our lives, and release what is no longer serving us.
We can harness the energy of the full moon and amplify it through collective ceremony.
Join us for the last full moon of the year to release 2021 through a Fire Releasing Ceremony (includes, meditation, breath-work and reflection) so that we can create space for the new!