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The path within.

Embody your full expression.



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EmbodyMthd is a transformative approach born directly from Sep's experience and based on various modalities and practices to rewire your mind, process your emotions, and take inspired action.





‘Sep’ or ‘Sepideh’ translates to the 'first ray of light at sunrise' and symbolizes the coming of a new day after a period of darkness and struggle.


Sep's personal journey began with struggle, which fuelled her curiosity to understand the human experience.

At an early age she started studying various modalities and practices around the world for personal growth and wellness – searching for a deeper understanding. Ultimately, Sep realized what she was seeking could only be found by taking the path within. 

This work was transformational. It allowed her to take accountability for creating her own life experiences – to embody her full expression.

Today Sep is a tech and business lawyer, founder of EmbodyMthd, and derives her greatest joy serving others in her capacity as a certified coach – guiding you on the path within.

Over the years, Sep has guided many friends, colleagues, and businesses.

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You're in good company:

Alissa, News Reporter

"Working with Sep was like having someone walk into your bedroom when it's a mess and put everything away where it should be - except the bedroom is your heart and thoughts. Sep has a way of bringing clarity to the clutter of emotions and being an intuitive, she can feel what's happening for you - she made me feel understood and accepted. I was dealing with some extreme emotions when I had my one on one session and she was able to bring calm and clarity without me having to relive and explain the trauma in great detail. I left feeling lighter, in control and inspired. She will bring you back to your own power." 

Kerri, Secondary School Teacher

"I absolutely loved EmbodyMthd by Sep. From the first minute we connected in our session, to our final goodbyes, every single moment was meaningful. In just one session you grow and learn so much about yourself - more than any other person or company I had tried before. Sep brought a calming sense of peace to our meetings, and quickly established an environment of comfort and safety. She asked the right questions, knew just what to say, and provided strong support and guidance. During our time together she took my mind and body to a place of heightened awareness, and left me feeling refreshed and renewed, with a better sense of direction in moving forward. Thank you Sep, looking so forward to our next session together!"

Kristine, Business Founder

"I wanted to work with Sep on a specific challenge I knew I had, but that I had no idea how to approach. Thanks to Sep, I was able to identify patterns that weren't clear to me before, and this has set me on the path of shifting my perspective for the better. Her holistic approach means that the work -- and it is work -- drives real, deep change. Instead of feeling blocked and frustrated, I'm feeling optimistic and ready to walk down this path."

Susanne, Occupational Therapist

"Having a session with Sep feels like the first time you actually meet yourself. She is intuitive and perceptive. I am often surprised how she just knows things. I would describe it as settling into yourself and untangling; from there you can move towards your truth. Every time I meet with her, I am humbled and so thankful to get to be serenely guided by her. I am able to sleep through the night again after some major life challenges. Nothing else has worked the way this does for me."

Christina, Commercial Real Estate Associate

"Sep's one-on-one with me was incredible! I have had some health problems, which multiple people have told me could be linked to suppressing my emotions. I kept an open mind and was amazed how the process helped. It was unforgettable. It was easy to listen to her clear guidance during the session. Afterwards, I felt like a heavy rock was lifted off me and I have been keeping up with the follow-up work. Sep is warm, real and compassionate. She creates a safe and judgment free zone to help you connect with yourself and get better."

Katie, Managing Partner

"We engaged Sep several times over the course of this past year to help foster both team and personal connection. With social isolation, stress and shifting pressures resulting from the transition to remote work and the global pandemic, mindfulness has been top of mind for the Talk Shop team. Sep’s method is approachable, calming and lighthearted and her sessions have been deeply appreciated by our team - whether new to or practiced in mindfulness. We are already planning our next session and are eager to give our team the gift of connection through a long-term partnership."

Dominic, Board Member and Account Manager

"Sep hosted a “Wellness Wednesday” session for the Association of Broadcast Communicators (ABCOM). Feedback on the session was fantastic. Sep brought an expertise that is sorely needed in the stressed-out environment that we all currently face. The strategies she shared gave our members tangible things they can do to realign and shift perspective when feelings of anxiety or stress start to overwhelm. We’re all better for the experience, and I would absolutely recommend Sep’s valuable insights to any other organizations or businesses interested in taking a people first approach.

Whether in groups of 1 to 100 plus, Sep is able to tailor her delivery and remain equally resonant. She will work with your team to find out exactly what will provide the most benefit and then deliver past expectations."

Sarah, High School Principal

"I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten to experience the EmbodyMthd with Sep in person, prior to Covid as well as virtually at a few different events. The experience was so meaningful for me personally that I asked Sep to facilitate a special session for my teachers, during a particularly stressful time. The feedback I received after from my staff was unsurprisingly glowing. Sep tailored our session to help us work through, with specific guided activities, the issues and challenges we face as educators in a pandemic. We were left feeling lighter and brighter, and realizing that we can’t pour from an empty cup, we have to take care of ourselves first so that we can better care for our students. It was an incredibly meaningful Professional Development session, thank you Sep, for your guidance and allowing us the space to take this much needed time for ourselves!"

Roxanne, Mom 

"Working with Sep has been a truly amazing experience. I reached out to her when I was at my lowest point. I didn't know where I was going or who I was anymore. Since then, I've learned incredibly valuable practices and tools that have been life changing! By exploring guided meditation, shadow work, and energy work I've learned how to tune into my own intuition and inner self to find peace. We have even taken a trip into my akashic records which was beyond fascinating! I'm rediscovering myself in ways I never thought was possible and I can't wait to continue on this amazing journey with Sep!"

Allison, Director

"I was lucky enough to attend one of Sep’s guided meditations – what a truly beautiful, heart opening experience! Sep creates a space that is without judgement, which allowed me to tap into some energy that had felt ‘stuck’ for quite some time. Through movement and breath, I was able to clear some of the mental cobwebs and left feeling about 100 times more energetic than when I stepped into the space. I would recommend Sep to anyone who needs to tap in, move through, and release."

Christine, Breathworker

"Wow Sep is a powerful intuitive and the 1:1 sessions I've had with her have been so helpful in my life. She has helped trace an ongoing issue with my foot to unprocessed emotions and provided really accurate insights about my life that have brought greater clarity and understanding to my life. I will continue to seek her guidance and work with her and could not recommend her enough. Thank you Sep!"

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