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 Based on intuitive guidance, integrating meditation, energy-work, and scientific tools, EmbodyMthd is an approach to guide you on the journey within. True lasting change comes from here.



Reprogram your neuro-pathways, live with more ease, flow and abundance, improve your relationships and health...


A dedicated container and an intimate community. Give yourself the gift of time and space...


Interactive, emotionally intelligent, and inspirational team experiences. Increase performance, creativity, resilience...

‘Sep’ or ‘Sepideh’ translates to the 'first ray of light at sunrise' and symbolizes the coming of a new day after a period of darkness and struggle.

Sep's personal journey began with struggle, which fuelled her curiosity to seek a more meaningful life.

Since childhood she dedicated herself to the practice of wellness & mindfulness – studying meditation & other tools around the world. Ultimately, Sep realized what she was seeking was inside her all along. 

Today Sep is a legal and business advisor, and derives her greatest joy serving others in her capacity as a certified intuitive coach – guiding you on the journey within.

Over the years, Sep has guided many of her friends, colleagues, and business clients. 


You're in good company:

"I wanted to work with Sep on a specific challenge I knew I had, but that I had no idea how to approach. Thanks to Sep, I was able to identify patterns that weren't clear to me before, and this has set me on the path of shifting my perspective for the better. Her holistic approach means that the work -- and it is work -- drives real, deep change. Instead of feeling blocked and frustrated, I'm feeling optimistic and ready to walk down this path."
- Kristine, Business Founder
"Having a session with Sep feels like the first time you actually meet yourself. She is intuitive and perceptive. I am often surprised how she just knows things. I would describe it as settling into yourself and untangling; from there you can move towards your truth. Every time I meet with her, I am humbled and so thankful to get to be serenely guided by her. I am able to sleep through the night again after some major life challenges. Nothing else has worked the way this does for me."


- Susanne, Occupational Therapist 
"Sep's one-on-one with me was incredible! I have had some health problems, which multiple people have told me could be linked to suppressing my emotions. I kept an open mind and was amazed how the process helped. It was unforgettable. It was easy to listen to her clear guidance during the session. Afterwards, I felt like a heavy rock was lifted off me and I have been keeping up with the follow-up work. Sep is warm, real and compassionate. She creates a safe and judgment free zone to help you connect with yourself and get better."


- Christina, Commercial Real Estate Associate


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Sep provides updates on new offerings, free resources, experiences, and more, as they are inspired.