Go from existing on autopilot in a noisy world to embodying and leading your own unlimited life.


1 : 1 coaching sessions for personalized guidance & support to dive deeper within, liberate yourself from your limitations, and access new levels of awareness.


Gain clarity on who you are, what you want, and how to get there.



Stop the noise, and learn to navigate your life by finding the answers within.



Rewire your mind & process your emotions, so that you can get out of your own way and align with your true purpose.


You might look like you have it all together and even be a high-performer, but let’s be honest – more often than not you’re just going through the motions, overworking and feeling flat.
You’re asking big questions, navigating life changes, and seeking confirmation that you’re on the right path. You sense a longing in your heart, a whisper... there’s got to be more to life, right?
You might take a few steps forward, only to get stuck in old patterns, overwhelm and frustration – leaving you feeling like you’re missing something.

Tell your story or identify the area you want to focus on.


Allow the intuitive guidance to be shared with you and notice how it resonates.

Process & Unfold

Uncover your own internal wisdom using mindful self-inquiry and various processes (e.g. visualization, inner child, forgiveness, shadow or manifestation work).


Receive practical tools that you can take away and apply to further integrate the experience and transform.


Notice how you feel, and receive any further clarification as needed.


Creating lasting change in your life and embodying fullness isn’t about finding the answer OUTSIDE of you or in your HEAD. It’s about going INSIDE, dropping into your HEART, and receiving the response.
We all have an ‘Inner-net’ that holds more answers than you could ever find on Google/AI. The way to access these answers is through creating mindful space and cutting through the noise. 


It’s about becoming yourself, or unbecoming everything you aren’t (dropping old beliefs and unravelling patterns holding you back) to step into a more LIMITLESS, ALIVE, ABUNDANT and EMPOWERED version of you.


Remember your truth. Return to your natural state of wellness (& magic).
As a lawyer turned intuitive coach, I know what it’s like to play in both worlds – the head and the heart. I'm here to guide you to transform from the inside out. Together, we will cultivate your mental and emotional fitness, so that you can access new levels of awareness and gain clarity on your life’s direction.
It's time to feel inspired & uplifted in all aspects of your life.
Coaching works because it’s a vessel for self-discovery, supports you to uncover answers within yourself, and happens in the present moment.

Before you know it, you’ll be looking back at your life barely recognizing that old version of you.




My clients are made up of the seekers, healers, changemakers and impact-driven leaders. They believe in the power of community, wellness, and revolutionizing the way we live.

Feeling Clear

Working with Sep was like having someone walk into your bedroom when it's a mess and put everything away where it should be - except the bedroom is your heart and thoughts. Sep has a way of bringing clarity to the clutter of emotions and being an intuitive, she can feel what's happening for you - she made me feel understood and accepted. I was dealing with some extreme emotions when I had my one on one session and she was able to bring calm and clarity without me having to relive and explain the trauma in great detail. I left feeling lighter, in control and inspired. She will bring you back to your own power.

- Alissa, News Reporter

Life Changing

Working with Sep has been a truly amazing experience. I reached out to her when I was at my lowest point. I didn't know where I was going or who I was anymore. Since then, I've learned incredibly valuable practices and tools that have been life changing! By exploring guided meditation, shadow work, and energy work I've learned how to tune into my own intuition and inner self to find peace. We have even taken a trip into my akashic records which was beyond fascinating! I'm rediscovering myself in ways I never thought was possible and I can't wait to continue on this amazing journey with Sep!

- Roxanne, Mom

Shift in Perspective

I wanted to work with Sep on a specific challenge I knew I had, but that I had no idea how to approach. Thanks to Sep, I was able to identify patterns that weren't clear to me before, and this has set me on the path of shifting my perspective for the better. Her holistic approach means that the work -- and it is work -- drives real, deep change. Instead of feeling blocked and frustrated, I'm feeling optimistic and ready to walk down this path.

- Kristine, Founder

Countless Tools

I’ve been working with Sep for seven months now, and the transformation I have felt working with her has altered my career and personal life. When I initially connected with Sep, I could never get away, whether it be thinking about work on a Saturday night or having increased anxiety about tasks due the following day. The stress got to a point where I could barely function. Months into working with Sep, I find I am more balanced, calm, and the truest version of myself than I’ve ever been. I’ve put countless tools, meditation, and energy work into process that we’ve discussed and workshopped. I don’t think I will ever revert to not using these practices in my everyday life. Sep has truly made the greatest difference in my life.

- Alex, Public Relations Manager

  • You've been doing a lot of reading and listening to others (which has gotten you so far), but you still feel like you're missing something


  • You live from the neck up and overly rely on rational thought to problem solve / find answers, but you’re ready for a new way focused on your HEART 
  • You want to deepen your self-awareness and strengthen your connection to your intuition to receive more CLARITY in all aspects of your life 
  • You have a knowing or sense of urgency that it's time to revolutionize your life – to liberate yourself from your limitations and get out of your own way 
  • You want to follow your INNER CALLING (which includes serving the collective in your own unique way)
  • You want to embody the life YOU want – be authentically you – and step into your POWER  
  • You want a supportive space to get aligned, remain accountable and increase your energetic frequency


Finding Truth

Having a session with Sep feels like the first time you actually meet yourself. She is intuitive and perceptive. I am often surprised how she just knows things. I would describe it as settling into yourself and untangling; from there you can move towards your truth. Every time I meet with her, I am humbled and so thankful to get to be serenely guided by her. I am able to sleep through the night again after some major life challenges. Nothing else has worked the way this does for me.

- Susanne, Occupational Therapist


Accurate Insights

Wow Sep is a powerful intuitive and the 1:1 sessions I've had with her have been so helpful in my life. She has helped trace an ongoing issue with my foot to unprocessed emotions and provided really accurate insights about my life that have brought greater clarity and understanding to my life. I will continue to seek her guidance and work with her and could not recommend her enough. Thank you Sep!

- Christine, Breathworker


Sep's one-on-one with me was incredible! I have had some health problems, which multiple people have told me could be linked to suppressing my emotions. I kept an open mind and was amazed how the process helped. It was unforgettable. It was easy to listen to her clear guidance during the session. Afterwards, I felt like a heavy rock was lifted off me and I have been keeping up with the follow-up work. Sep is warm, real and compassionate. She creates a safe and judgment free zone to help you connect with yourself and get better.

- Christina, Commercial Real Estate Associate

Sense of Direction

I absolutely loved EmbodyMthd by Sep. From the first minute we connected in our session, to our final goodbyes, every single moment was meaningful. In just one session you grow and learn so much about yourself - more than any other person or company I had tried before. Sep brought a calming sense of peace to our meetings, and quickly established an environment of comfort and safety. She asked the right questions, knew just what to say, and provided strong support and guidance. During our time together she took my mind and body to a place of heightened awareness, and left me feeling refreshed and renewed, with a better sense of direction in moving forward. Thank you Sep, looking so forward to our next session together!

- Keri, Secondary School Teacher

Do you hear the call? 


There is still time.
To change your life.
To fall in love with your world.
To be the person you have always wanted to be.
To do the things you have always wanted to do.

All you need to do is take the next step.



Limited spaces available.

Sep believes in access to this work, so please reach out to her directly to see if you’re eligible for pro bono/discounted coaching.