Go from existing on autopilot in a noisy world to embodying and leading an unlimited life.

Sep's proprietary method, known as EmbodyMthd™, blends various modalities of self-healing, meditation, intuition and coaching with the aim to activate and empower you to embody and lead an unlimited life.

Hi, I'm Sep


A lawyer, intuitive coach, thought leader, founder, speaker and lover of life on a mission to create inspired platforms that connect our community, drive social wellness and revolutionize the way we live.





1 : 1 coaching sessions for personalized guidance & support to dive deeper within, liberate yourself from your limitations, and access new levels of awareness.




Experiential workshops and presentations for leaders to revolutionize the way they live.


Feeling Clear 

Working with Sep was like having someone walk into your bedroom when it's a mess and put everything away where it should be - except the bedroom is your heart and thoughts. Sep has a way of bringing clarity to the clutter of emotions and being an intuitive, she can feel what's happening for you - she made me feel understood and accepted. I was dealing with some extreme emotions when I had my one on one session and she was able to bring calm and clarity without me having to relive and explain the trauma in great detail. I left feeling lighter, in control and inspired. She will bring you back to your own power.

- Alissa, News Reporter

Remembering Truth

Having a session with Sep feels like the first time you actually meet yourself. She is intuitive and perceptive. I am often surprised how she just knows things. I would describe it as settling into yourself and untangling; from there you can move towards your truth. Every time I meet with her, I am humbled and so thankful to get to be serenely guided by her. I am able to sleep through the night again after some major life challenges. Nothing else has worked the way this does for me.

- Susanne, Occupational Therapist


Getting Unstuck

The collective began during the most tumultuous and distressing times in my life. The gatherings led by Sep provided guidance, allowed me to begin the healing process, quiet my inner critic and look at childhood traumas on a much deeper and honest level. During the darkest period of my life, Sep helped me find the strength to persist, forgive myself and connect with others through our collective experiences.

- Blake, Sales Manager

Tangible Results

Sep hosted a “Wellness Wednesday” session for the Association of Broadcast Communicators (ABCOM). Feedback on the session was fantastic. Sep brought an expertise that is sorely needed in the stressed-out environment that we all currently face. The strategies she shared gave our members tangible things they can do to realign and shift perspective when feelings of anxiety or stress start to overwhelm. We’re all better for the experience, and I would absolutely recommend Sep’s valuable insights to any other organizations or businesses interested in taking a people first approach. Whether in groups of 1 to 100 plus, Sep is able to tailor her delivery and remain equally resonant. She will work with your team to find out exactly what will provide the most benefit and then deliver past expectations.

- Dominic, Board Member and Account Manager

Visions Coming True

It’s been a tough year and the wellness tools Sep has shared at the collective have been so valuable. I’ve used them when I would have otherwise had a meltdown and to help me focus and gain clarity and calm throughout my day. The craziest thing that has happened yet though is that a specific vision that I had in meditation actually started to happen in real life! The collective is a gift to us all – leaving us feeling lighter and brighter.

- Sarah, Principal

Releasing and Feeling Energized

I was lucky enough to attend Sep’s guided meditations – what a truly beautiful, heart opening experience! Sep creates a space that is without judgement, which has allowed me to tap into some energy that had felt ‘stuck’ for quite some time. Through movement and breath, I was able to clear some of the mental cobwebs and left feeling about 100 times more energetic than when I stepped into the space. I would recommend Sep to anyone who needs to tap in, move through, and release.

- Allison, Director

Feeling Grounded

The Meditation Collective is a grounding force in an otherwise demanding and hectic environment. Sep guides both the beginner and the experienced alike - she shares big picture philosophy coupled with real, tangible tactics to incorporate meditation into your everyday life. It’s a highlight of my month!

- Brittney, Executive

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