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‘Sep’ or ‘Sepideh’ translates to ‘the first ray of light at sunrise' and symbolizes the coming of a new day after a period of darkness and struggle.

Sep's personal journey began with struggle, which fuelled her curiosity to understand the human experience

Sep wasn't your typical child. At an early age she started studying anything related to personal growth and wellness, and she dove into scientific and alternative modalities and practices. She was seeking to understand why some struggled in life more than others.

Key experiences pushed her deeper into this work:

  • immigrating as a racialized minority from a war-torn country
  • living in a single parent, low-income home
  • observing addiction and anxiety
  • navigating her relationships with food, health, and intimacy
  • working in the corporate world as a high-performing and stressed lawyer
She searched for this deeper understanding through her world travels, but soon came to realize that what she sought could only be found in her consciousness. So Sep committed to taking the path within.

Through daily application of the modalities and practices she had come to know from a cognitive level, she created internal space to shed layers of conditioning and patterns. She stopped living from the neck up and overcame many of her struggles.

Doing this work, she realized that she was not her mind (an overused analytical tool), or emotions (a suppressed internal GPS system), but the observer. And that her senses were the access point to her intuition (a dormant superpower that is natural to the human experience). It was transformative!

More than a body, more than a name, more than a life of action, more than the confines of form: all that is and nothing at all.

She reached a place of ease and a deeper understanding of her truth. Allowing her to take accountability for creating her own life experiences – to embody her full expression.

Over the years, people started noticing and wanted to learn more.

Born directly out of Sep's experience and based on these various modalities and practices to guide you on the path within, she decided to express what is known today as EmbodyMthd. A transformative approach that creates the space for you to embody your full expression – whatever that may look like for you

Today Sep is a tech and business lawyer supporting innovations that connect our community and revolutionize the way we live. She derives her greatest joy serving others in her capacity as a certified coach.

2020 (20/20 clear vision) having been a year filled with struggle, uncertainty and uprooting, many were awakened to reflect on their lives. Sep was called to show up in this capacity even more. She has guided many friends, colleagues, and organizations.

Sep hopes to support and meet you in the extraordinary ordinariness of the present moment.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.

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