A lawyer, intuitive coach, thought leader, founder, speaker & lover of life on a mission to create inspired platforms that connect our community, drive social wellness and revolutionize the way we live.

I’m an example of how to transform your life from the inside out.
It all started with my name which foreshadows my life journey. Sepideh (Sep) means 'the first ray of light at sunrise' and symbolizes the coming of a new day after a period of darkness and struggle.   

As a child...

My curiosity to understand the human experience was fuelled by my own struggles – living in a single parent, low-income home, being an immigrant and minority, observing addiction and anxiety, and more. I read and learnt about various modalities and practices to overcome my personal limitations, find 'the answers' and discover my true purpose.

As a young adult...

I looked like I had it all together – winning 15+ awards, landing myself at a big law firm, working with Fortune 500 tech companies, having a home with an impressive ocean view and more friends than you know. Even with all of my success, I felt flat, overworked and as if I was just going through the motions. There was a longing in my heart, a whisper – something was missing.

The path within...

This time I immersed myself in modalities and practices for self-healing, meditation and coaching, sought teachers around the world, and attended more retreats than you could think of. Through this journey, I realized the answers I sought could only be found in one place. The day I chose to get silent and take the path within was the day I aligned with my true purpose.  
As the whisper inside grew to a roar, I was able to liberate more of myself from my wounding, conditioning and limitations and created space to embody what I wanted – an unlimited life. I discovered the universal laws. I woke up feeling clearer, energized and whole.
I now believe that life is an art form and the more fully we become ourselves, or unbecome everything that we aren’t – our fullest expression emerges in and through us.


My personal journey has evolved into a proprietary method, known as EmbodyMthd™, blending various modalities of self-healing, meditation and coaching with the aim to improve your performance in all aspects of your personal and professional life while expanding your awareness and leaving you feeling clear & well. 


You no longer need to seek solutions to life's struggles outside of yourself. I'm dedicated to guided you on the path within.



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