‘Sep’ or ‘Sepideh’  translates to ‘the first ray of light at sunrise' and symbolizes the coming of a new day after a period of darkness and struggle.



The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.

Sep's personal journey began with struggle, which fuelled her curiosity to seek a more meaningful life.

Since childhood she has dedicated herself to the practice of wellness & mindfulness – studying meditation & other tools around the world.

Several key experiences pushed her to explore deeper – immigrating as a racialized minority from a war-torn country; living in a single parent, low-income home; observing addiction; navigating her relationship with food, health, and intimacy; and working in the corporate world.

Ultimately, Sep realized what she was seeking was inside her all along. Reaching a place of ease, and an awareness, understanding and knowing of her truth. 

More than a body, more than a name, more than a life of action, more than the confines of form: all that is and nothing at all.


Certified Intuitive Coaching

 Like Einstein said, live as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.

Today Sep is a legal and business advisor supporting innovative companies that connect our community and revolutionize the way we live. She derives her greatest joy serving others in her capacity as a certified intuitive coach. 

Over the years, she has guided many of her friends, colleagues, and business clients.

2020 (20/20 clear vision) has been a year of uncertainty, challenge and uprooting, awakening many to ask for more out of this life – more change, truth, wellness, and health. Now she is being asked more than ever to serve.

Sep hopes to support and meet you in the extraordinary ordinariness of the present moment. 

EmbodyMthd is an approach to guide you on the journey within.
Comprised of several elements based on intuitive guidance, while integrating meditation, breath-work, energy-work, movement, universal laws, and scientific tools.

This approach is more than just a mindset shift, but calls for processing emotions through the body and taking inspired action moment-to-moment to be the vibration of change.

  • Choose to embody your fullest expression despite fear, conditioning, self-sabotage, and other self-imposed limitations.
  • Create space within you to allow it to be filled up by what lights you up and is aligned. 
  • Take creative accountability over building a life that serves you.
  • Embrace true, lasting change.